Diploma in Accounting Management

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Course Description

In order to assist managers in making both short- and long-term choices, accounting management is the process of creating reports about business operations. By locating, evaluating, interpreting, and conveying data to managers, it aids a company in achieving its objectives.

Helping management with its planning, directing, and controlling responsibilities is the key goal.

The scope of accounting management is so extensive that it encompasses a study of every area of contemporary accounting, with an emphasis on the function that unites management with accounting—that is, the ability to make decisions effectively based on the right information.

Course Type
Accounting Management
1 Year
Financial Management
Business English
Marketing Management
Managerial Information System
Advanced Accounting
Economic Planning and Development
Managerial Accounting

Accreditation & Certification

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  • STED Council certification boosts the chances for better private/ govt. jobs and skill based jobs.
  • Certificates have got high credibility among employers in India and abroad.
  • All certificates issued by STED COUNCIL can be attested by Ministry of External Affairs-Government of India and by the embassies of almost all countries.
  • The courses are run on the approved standard pattern of syllabus, which maintains high academic standards.
  • The career oriented courses is designed by research panel controlled by STED COUNCIL.

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