Diploma in Business Administration and Office Management

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Business administration covers a range of business management topics. Candidates that enroll in this programme aim to work in government, education, finance, sales, and marketing. Business administrators carry out the department's or organization's objectives, policies, and procedures. They also handle the production of goods and the provision of services. In the business administration course, students are taught the fundamentals of business administration. In business administration, there are opportunities to hold the highest positions. A person can advance to the positions of CEO, CFO, or general manager. Global economies are looking for skilled entrepreneurs to generate jobs and market useful goods. High wages, work satisfaction, and rapid growth are all benefits of earning a business administration degree. Business administration degrees are available from numerous Indian universities and colleges. Consequently, business The Office Management Program will prepare students for jobs in entry-level and mid-management that will allow them to guide others in achieving an organization's goals. This curriculum's primary objectives are to plan, organize, and control an organization's computerized and information processing activities. The programme focuses on developing the following skills: supervision and administrative support systems, records and information management, oral and written communications, business organization, computer software applications, office information systems, and interpersonal relations. Graduates will be prepared for higher level office positions. The students who pass the programme will be qualified to work as office managers, administrative service coordinators or assistants, office supervisors, records and information supervisors, human resource administrators, administrative assistants, or administrative support employees.

Business administration covers a variety of business management areas. Candidates that enrol in this programme hope to work in government, education, finance, sales, and marketing.

You can apply for positions as a secretary, executive secretary, administrative assistant, executive assistant, professional assistant, sales assistant, marketing assistant, and research assistant after finishing this course. Depending on the demands of the market, the requirements of the company, one's experience, talents, degree of education, and own initiative, one should be very responsible for a wide range of duties.

Course Type
Business Administration And Office Management
1 Year
Plus Two
Financial Management
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Hospitality Management
Business English
Managerial Information System

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  • India's Leading and Largest Certification Body.
  • STED Council certification boosts the chances for better private/ govt. jobs and skill based jobs.
  • Certificates have got high credibility among employers in India and abroad.
  • All certificates issued by STED COUNCIL can be attested by Ministry of External Affairs-Government of India and by the embassies of almost all countries.
  • The courses are run on the approved standard pattern of syllabus, which maintains high academic standards.
  • The career oriented courses is designed by research panel controlled by STED COUNCIL.

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