Certified Cabin Crew Training

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Course Description

For the traditional commercial airlines, a cabin crew training programme lasts typically between 5 and 7 weeks and is highly demanding. For their crews to be properly trained, several Asian airlines, however, prolong this by up to three months. During training, you essentially give the airline control of your life in order to understand the policies of the company and the true purpose of the cabin crew.

Any airline's flight crew is its most crucial component. It will be more lucrative for the airlines if they provide excellent services since more people would want to use that particular trip. All the while, air hostesses are expected to act well. Young, educated, and extroverted women may find success as Air Hostesses. The fantastic possibility to see new places, interact with people while in the air, and the alluring compensation package are all offered. This profession is one that many young women choose.

The air hostess is renowned for being the first person to meet a passenger, and she gives each one a warm smile and welcome. There are many employment prospects in this sector as a consequence of the liberalization of air policy, which has expanded the private operation of air services. This is an intriguing profession, but it is not as straightforward as it would seem. Different air hostess training programmes are offered by a variety of training institutes all throughout India. Being handsome and in excellent health would be the most crucial requirements for any applicant. Physically demanding, it requires a lot of patience, and it requires working strange hours.

Cabin Crew Training
3 Months
Plus Two or Degree
Aircraft & Airport Familiarization and Flight Evaluation
Food and Catering Services
Grooming, Personality Development and Communication Skills
Emergency Situation Handling and First Aid
Leadership and Inter-department coordination
Passenger Handling
In-Flight Procedure
Passenger Safety

Accreditation & Certification

  • India's Leading and Largest Certification Body.
  • STED Council certification boosts the chances for better private/ govt. jobs and skill based jobs.
  • Certificates have got high credibility among employers in India and abroad.
  • All certificates issued by STED COUNCIL can be attested by Ministry of External Affairs-Government of India and by the embassies of almost all countries.
  • The courses are run on the approved standard pattern of syllabus, which maintains high academic standards.
  • The career oriented courses is designed by research panel controlled by STED COUNCIL.

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